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Critique de “The Ailing queen” dans Variety

Variety critique “The Ailing queen” : The worldwide efforts to battle bee colony collapse are probably too overwhelming for any single documentary to chronicle, making Quebec filmmaker Pascal Sanchez’s decision in “The Ailing Queen” to concentrate on young, energetic beekeeper Anicet Desrochers particularly wise. Rather than adopt an apocalyptic tone, this fine piece of consciousness-raising cinema observes Desrochers working through the seasons to strengthen his colonies and spread the word about his methods. A celebration of agriculture, beekeeping and science, pic should stir serious buzz among specialty programmers and pubcasters.


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  • Jean-Phillipe Massicotte

    Jean-Phillipe Massicotte
    Directeur du développement Producteur webdoc et documentaire Après une maîtrise en philosophie politique et un passage à la salle des nouvelles de Radio-Canada, Jean-Philippe se joint à l’équipe d’esperamos films en 2008. Depuis, il ...En lire plus